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MLS ThermoFlex Moist Heat Pack

You don't need to look any further! MLS has come out with it's own ThermoFlex moist heat pack.

With the exception of certain types of massage, ThermoFlex moist heat treatment is perhaps the most relaxing of all the physical therapy modalities. It's often suitable to be used at the beginning of a physical therapy session to loosen your muscles and get them ready for exercise. ThermoFlex moist heat therapy penetrates deeper into the skin. This will relieve pain faster.

The benefits of heat therapy are undeniable and truly impressive. Heat therapy can relieve stiffness and improve circulation by opening blood vessels - relieving pain from sprain, strain, muscle spasm, whiplash, arthritis, and many more conditions! But how does moist heat compare to dry heat therapy? There are many advantages to using moist heat therapy over traditional dry heat:

• Moist heat is more effective than dry heat in deeper tissue heating
• Moist heat penetrates more than dry heat at the same temperature
• Moist heat has additional capacity to change the tissue temperature rapidly and obtain more vigorous response from temperature receptors
• Patients often report greater relief of symptoms from moist heat

ThermoFlex has seven sizes available to provide therapy to nearly any body part:
i. Standard Size: 10" x 12"
ii. Neck Contour: 24" Length
iii. Half-Size: 5" x 12"
iv. Knee/Shoulder: 10" x 20"
v. Spine (Small): 10" x 18"
vi. Spine (Large): 10" x 24"
vii. Oversized: 15" x 24"

Contact our team to get your ThermoFlex:

Nurul:  +6012 377 3623
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