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MIRA Rehab has been revealed in Malaysia

The participants at the Malaysian Physiotherapy Association (MPA) National Physiotherapy Conference 2019 have had their views on physical rehabilitation transformed by the introduction of MIRA; a digital approach to physiotherapy that turns exercises into video games, making the therapy fun and easy to follow.

Representing Medi Lifesports, Andrei Cantea, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer (MIRA Rehab) has shared his view on 'Movement Visualisation in Virtual Reality Towards Successful" in his presentation.

"MIRA Rehab is a digital health company tackling the issue of low patient adherence through virtual reality, telerehabilitation and gamification.

Virtual reality in a rehabilitation setting aims to improve motor skills, aid muscle recovery and increase patient engagement and motivation during treatment.

MIRA Rehab, a UK digital health company, approaches the field of rehabilitative virtual reality through MIRA - Medical Interactive Recovery Assistant."

Learn more on MIRA Rehab here

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