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Virtual Reality in Healthcare: a New Solution for Rehabilitation?

In the fight against serious diseases and ailments, scientists often resort to the use of innovative technologies. As a result, hi-tech simulators have come to replace traditional therapy. If earlier many diseases and diagnoses sounded like a verdict, nowadays, the use of modern technologies gives patients hope for partial or even complete recovery.

Now, when virtual reality is rightly considered an integral part of many spheres of human life, medicine has not become an exception, and numerous studies in this direction are a confirmation to that. According to the research conducted by Research and Markets ,the value of the virtual and augmented reality market in healthcare will reach $5 billion by 2023. Experts believe that virtual and augmented reality technologies will be widely used for treatment and rehabilitation purposes, diagnostics, and remote consultation of patients.

Why to Use VR in Healthcare?

Today, Virtual Reality in medicine is nothing new, and there are more and more medical fields where the use of VR applications shows much better results compared with conventional therapy. The use of VR in rehabilitation has proved to be very effective, and for a good reason. Simulated virtual objects, environment, and events allow patients to plunge into an alternate reality, where they can interact with things and carry out actions not otherwise available to them in real life. This is one of the very few, if not the only, ways to let patients “escape” from the restrictive hospital environment.

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