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MIRA – Evidence based video-games for rehabilitation and physiotherapy

Innovation 'Elevator Pitch'

MIRA is a software application designed to make physiotherapy fun and convenient for patients in need of rehabilitation. It turns physical exercises into video-games and uses Microsoft Kinect to track and assess patient treatment compliance.

Overview of Innovation:

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation can be a long, difficult and sometimes painful process. Treatment plans can be cumbersome and a slow recovery can be disempowering for patients. 70% of patients do not adhere to home exercises, which increases the total time needed for recovery, leading to higher costs for the healthcare sector.

MIRA displays these exercises as video-games and asks patients to complete the recommended movements to progress through each game level. As a result, patients are playing, while at the same time actually recovering. The patient’s performance data is also tracked, storing all the repetitions, improvements or issues for the therapists to adapt the treatment accordingly. As each patient and their treatment require careful planning, MIRA is designed as a tool for the therapists, to enable specialists to customise the treatment for each individual. Our innovative software can be tailored to the patient’s condition, needs and goals (stroke, falls prevention, MSK disorders etc.), using off-the shelf hardware (laptop/PC and motion sensor).

The software application is registered as a Class I Medical Device in Europe (CE Mark) and can be installed in any clinical environments where patients go for their regular treatment sessions, as well as at home where patients can be remotely monitored by their therapists. This allows the patient to exercises at home under the remote supervision of a healthcare provider. Furthermore, MIRA reduces costs by supplementing staff and reducing waiting times, as well as by decreasing the necessary number of clinic visits and the travel costs associated to them.

The Benefits


  • An innovative tool that offers the possibility to have a better supervision of their patients, better medical outcomes and a more competitive practice

  • Created based on the best available clinical evidence (ex. Falls prevention exercise package) and validated in clinical trials

  • Net average saving associated with the use of Exergames for falls prevention would be £1,202 per patient per year for one MIRA unit (Health Economic Report by JB Medical)

  • The clinic can offer MIRA as a separate therapy service, developing a new business opportunity, improving treatment and physiotherapy services delivery (like reducing waiting times)

  • MIRA allows them to track patients’ compliance and progress at home

  • Reduce readmission and costs associated to further treatment and hospitalisation due to non-adherence to initial prescribed therapy (ex. Home exercises are more likely to be done if patients are being checked and if they have an engaging tool.

  • Specific therapy plans for patients can be prescribed from any location, and it offers a suit of customisable exercises and games that therapist can easily tailor as they see fit for their patients

  • Possibility to monitor and engage more patients at the same time

  • Based on this modern instrument with its data gathering feature, therapists can access new research opportunities, important movement data and statistics that were not easily available before

  • Patient data is safe – data protection and security regulations have been carefully implemented to ensure best protection and security measures required have been implemented


Read the full paper here

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