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Giving University A Taste On Exergame Rehabilitation System

Team MLS recently had a great privilege to receive an invitation from a local university to give them an insight into exergames rehabilitation using MIRA - Play Your Way To Recovery. 

This session was attended by HOD of Physiotherapy and Physiotherapy Lecturer of the respective University. MLS Product Specialist, Angelin Francis, introduced the attendees to some of the features of MIRA targeted into specific joint not general movement. Range of motion of each joint can be trained specifically using wide range of exergames options that are available. The setting options in MIRA has a plus point, where limitation of range of motion can be altered according to individual needs nor conditions.

It was a great experience to exchange knowledge and feedback on how we can make physiotherapy rehabilitation more engaging and convenient for both patient and therapist. Moving forward, we would like to have more sharing session like this. MIRA is a great tool, as it keep tracts on patients performance and even emotional well-being.

If you’d like to learn more about exergames rehabilitation using MIRA, don’t hesitate to contact us to make set an appointment for your slot.
You can enjoy the session at our place or from the comfort of your own place!

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