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CRYO XC™ WBC Chamber has arrived

CRYO XC™ cryochamber powered by CRYONIQ, is a thermal contrast cryotherapy is an easy and effective method for quick recovery, performance optimization and active prevention in sports, fitness, physiotherapy, wellness and general health. Now available at ProPAIN Centre, Shah Alam. brought to you by Medi Lifesports.

During the session, the extreme cold reacts with the skin and will send signals to the brain triggering a fight or flight response. To protect the body from hypothermia, your blood vessels will constrict, causing a reduction in blood flow to protect your core organs maintaining a safe internal body temperature. This will release a copious number of endorphins and anti-inflammatory proteins into the bloodstream and your heart rate will increase, enabling oxygen and nutrients to reach your main muscle groups.

You can visit ProPAIN Centre, Shah Alam to have this experience or contact Medi Lifesports more info of the products:

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