The New Era of Digital Loads

SINTESI is a groundbreaking machine that uses electric motors to simulate the most popular gym equipment, making it an innovative tool for both sports and rehabilitation. The machine offers a complete training session that is customized using a unique device, providing harmonic, consistent, and comparable data in real time.



SINTESI is an innovative device that provides a new way of doing physical activity both in sport and in rehabilitation.

Its technology is based on the use of electric motors to generate a load that simulates the one of the most varied equipments used in gyms.

All working parameters are set by a simple tablet that is always connected to the machine and shows in real time relevant and objective data on training, with the ability to store and compare them, to allow the trainer to develope “workouts” always at their best.

The mechanism technically defined Dynamic Vectoring System allows a complete freedom of movement, reproducing the behaviour of free weights, isotonic machines and much more, electronically adapting the device to any type of practice and for each training requirement.

This makes SINTESI as well as a gym, also a valuable assistant able to recommend, track and stimulate the user, customizing the training experience.

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