Air Compression Therapy Device LGT-2200SP


GZ Longest air compression therapy machine LGT-2200SP is comprised of an intermittent pneumatic controller, durable overlapping sleeves, and a connection hose. This powerful medical air compressor employs three techniques – gradients, pulsing compression, and distal release, to effectively relieve muscle tension and increase blood circulation to promote the recovery of the treated areas.

The sleeves of the compression therapy machine are inflated and deflated sequentially to develop the circulating pressure on the human body. The circulating pressure can squeeze the proximal and distal limbs to promote blood circulation lymphatic system and improve body microcirculation.



Air Compression Therapy Helps:

Relieve Pain & Swelling

Whether you’re an elite athlete or just someone who spends long periods of time sitting, standing, walking, muscle or joint aches, and swelling are almost unavoidable. Compression can help improve blood flow, enhance the lymphatic and venous systems, remove lactic acid, and combat soreness, inflammation, and swelling.

Prime Your Body to Training

Squeeze your body to warm up faster before exercising. And after exercising, the compression can help remove fatigue, soreness, and pain and speed up recovery.

Besides, compression is also an excellent way to help increase your flexibility. The compression of muscles actually relaxes them and the surrounding tissue and helps improve your range of motion.

Support Your Lymphatic System

Massage the body to help with lymphatic drainage and removes accumulated liquids from the body. More effective lymphatic drainage can help smoothen the body lines, strengthen the skin, and reduce cellulite. In medical institutions, compression can also be used to help people with bloodstream and/or lymphatic system disorders.



Air Compression Therapy Benefits:

What’s included

What’s included?

LGT-2200SP control unit 1
Sleeves Legs
Hose 1
Power supply Rechargeable Battery: 6500mAh
Bag High-quality bag for easier carrying and storage


Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Chamber 4
Compression Mode 6
Pressure Range 30-150mmHg
Power supply Rechargeable Battery: 6500mAh
Dimension 270(L)×148(W)×128(H)mm
Weight 1.65kg (Battery not included)