emField Pro

Powerful against pain:
High-energy induction therapy with up to 3 Tesla

Activates the self-healing powers of the cells

With the innovative emFieldPro, Zimmer MedizinSysteme sets new standards in pain therapy. During treatment, you stimulate the area of pain with a strong electromagnetic field of up to 3 Tesla. This brings new energy into cells and cell membranes, promotes circulation, and naturally stimulates the regeneration of muscles, nerve cells, and blood vessels. Your patients experience a painless treatment with almost no side effects that works very quickly: lasting therapeutic success is often achieved after just a few sessions.


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Natural healing method with almost no side effects
  • Rapid pain relief
  • Lasting regeneration of muscles, nerve cells, and blood vessels
  • Improves the mobility of large and small joints
  • Convenient operation using the LCD touch screen
  • 20 preset programmes ready to go with just a touch


  • High-energy Induction Therapy
  • Touch Screen
  • Individual Patient Programmes Can Be Stored
  • Simple Operation

Technical Details

Technical data analogous to the emFieldPro.

Item no.

Technical data

Magnetic flux density 3 Tesla (large applicator)
2.5 Tesla (medium-size applicator)
Channels 2
Frequency 1–150 Hz
Dimensions H 99.3 cm x W 50.1 cm x L 54.2 cm
Weight approx. 60 kg
Medical Device