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Exergames Your Way To Recovery

MIRA is a software platform that uses motion tracking sensor to gamify physical rehabilitation movements to create more fun and engaging rehabilitation session.

Last week, MLS had the opportunity to organise a MIRA session at one rehabilitation centre in Klang Valley, as their physiotherapist requested for virtual reality based rehabilitation. The session was attended by the CEO, physiotherapist of centre and their clients who are mostly affected by stroke and other neurology conditions.

Mira consists of Upper and Lower Limb Exergames movements with Cognigames and Assessment tools. The therapist tried various exergames involving general and specific movement in different position to the needs of their patients.

We had positive response and feedback as they extended the trial in order to user MIRA with their own clients. Hopefully, this will give new hope and confidence to their clients.
Let’s play your way to recovery.

Contact us to find out more about MIRA and to try it yourself:

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