Full of variety, versatility, innovation and creativity

Real objects, touch control, and a whole lot of fun; this is what goal-oriented, intuitive therapy should be. Meet MYRO®. The sensor-based surface is the foundation for creative and fun therapy. By combining real world objects with game-based tasks, it just may help your patients get back to everyday living.



Myro® | Rehabilitation for the Upper Extremities

Did you know?

Just like the Spanish painter, sculptor and ceramist Joan Miró, it’s impossible to pigeonhole our MYRO®. Full of variety, versatile, innovative and creative – the MYRO® won’t make you an artist overnight but it will motivate you to practice like a master.

Your benefits include:

  1. Highly adaptable workspace for more than one person
  2. Sensor based surface for task oriented (ADL) training with real objects
  3. Uni- or bilateral motivating training

Features & Therapy Goals

Gross and fine motor function Monotony
Cognitive performance
Motoric coordination
Visual perception