Board for Assessment (Posturography) and Therapy

TYMO® is a versatile tool for measuring and practice of force, balance, and postural control.
Data from the Posturography is the basis to plan the therapeutic intervention. Different therapy options to strengthen stability and symmetry for the upper and lower extremities as well as for the trunk can be applied in a playful manner.
Thin, portable, and easy to use – this is what makes TYMO® special.



Did you know?

Sometimes the easiest things are the best things. TYMO® = Tyro + Motion. We are honest. That’s what it is. Short and simple. TYMO® combines Tyromotion’s personality in a nutshell: Versatile, smart, and innovative. So why don’t dedicate TYMO® to ourselves?

Your benefits include:

1. Static and dynamic assessments for full body therapies

2. Can be applied in various therapy settings

3. Evidence-based evaluation and therapy of postural control and balance


Features & Therapy Goals

Balance Fall risk
Postural control Dysbalance
Muscle strength Monotony
Trunk coordination