Healing with the power of light:
High-energy laser therapy with up to 25 W

Effective pain therapy with deep action

With ultramodern technology and enormous power of up to 25 W, OptonPro sets new standards in laser therapy. Through the emission of light in three different wavelengths, you reach and stimulate the superficial pain receptors as well as deeper and deep layers of tissue – this ensures highly effective pain therapy and rapid tissue regeneration. The device leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to convenient application: from the ergonomically shaped laser applicator to intuitive menu control on the colour touch display – OptonPro makes laser therapy a pleasure.

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Your benefits at a glance:

  • Focused therapy at a variety of target sites
  • Effective and safe, with maximum operating convenience
  • Opens up a broad therapeutic spectrum to you
  • Treatment comfort through skin temperature measurement and thermal threshold test
  • User information to accompany the therapy
  • Preset programmes which can be modified as desired


  • Laser Therapy
  • Touch Screen
  • Individual Patient Programmes Can Be Stored
  • Simple Operation

Technical Data

  • 3 laser diodes in parallel operation with 810 nm, 980 nm and 1064 nm wavelength*
Emitted output up to max. 25 W*
Treatment area min. 0.8 cm², with small spacer
min. 3.1 cm², with large spacer min. 9.0 cm²
Dimensions H 30 cm x W 35 cm x L 20 cm (without cart)
Weight  3.8 kg (without cart)
Laser  Class 4
Medical Device

Please note: The features marked with * depend on the model!

Technical Details

Technical data analogous to the OptonPro 25 W – desktop device

Laser diodes 810 | 980 | 1064 nm
Emitted output max. 25 W
Power consumption 1.8 A
Item no. 4684-X01

Technical data analogous to the OptonPro 15 W – desktop device

Laser diodes 810 | 980 | 1064 nm
Emitted output max. 15 W
Power consumption 1.2 A
Item no. 4685-X01

Technical data analogous to the OptonPro 10 W – desktop device

Laser diodes 810 | 980 nm
Emitted output max. 10 W
Power consumption 1.0 A
Item no. 4686-X01


Technical data analogous to the SysCart for OptonPro 25 W, 15 W, 10 W

Item no. 9161-D02