Deep heat through high-frequency electrotherapy – focuses on the site of the pain

Mobile deep heat: ideal for sports use
ThermoTK generates adjustable, deeply penetrating heat.
The deep heat which develops in the tissue causes a local increase in circulation and dilation of blood vessels. Treatment techniques specific to the therapist can have a positive effect on the elasticity of the connective tissue. Through the effect of heat alone, the tone in the muscles decreases, which has a positive effect on pain relief for the patient.

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Your benefits include:

  • Deep heat focused at a variety of target sites
  • Resistive electrodes for the treatment of deeper structures, such as tendons, ligaments, or apophyses
  • Capacitive electrodes for the treatment of more superficial structures, such as muscles
  • Fast, easy operation using the large colour touch screen Indication-based selection of preset programmes
  • Ideal for mobile use in sports therap


  • Deep Heat Therapy
  • Touch Screen
  • Portable Device
  • Individual Patient Programmes Can Be Stored
  • Simple Operation

Technical Details


Item no.

Technical data

Power consumption 300 VA max
Output power 150 W effective at 500 Ω in resistive mode
250 VA effective at 500 Ω in capacitive mode
60 W effective at 500 Ω in hands-free mode
Frequency 460 kHz / 540 kHz
Operating modes Continuous / pulsed
Housing dimensions H 13.5 cm x W 32.2 cm x D 23.4 cm
Weight 3.5 kg (without accessories)
Medical Device