Resistive Exercise Band Anti-Snap

A Special Production Process Has Made The Flexband To Endure Extremely High Tensions. A Small Cut Making No Consequence. Our R&d Team Has Championed The Flexband To Be Very Safe With Anti-snap Technology.



What is Anti-Snap?

Anti-Snap is a design technology that will prevent the main cause of snaps – over stretching. The main purpose of this technology is to give more strength to the band when it is stretched until reaching the point where it will eventually snap.


Are Anti-Snap is really snap proof?

It will be really close as you are going to get. What we can assure you is that, you need to be really trying to break these band to make them snap. That’s a fact. Simply said, if you are properly using the FleXband Anti-Snap resistive exercise band, the chances of it to snap are close to zero

Product Details