Medflex – Premium Electrodes

Medflex is design with high quality hydrogel and strong conductive carbon film which gives the best performance on its intensity. It is latex free, Hypoallergenic with strong adhesive and ergonomically flexible to the surface attached. Medflex completes with a customized heat resistant pack to protect the inner products while it’s resealable for hygienic storage.




  • High quality hydrogel latex free, Hypoallergenic
  • Strong conductive carbon film
  • Strong adhesive and reusable
  • Heat resistant pack


  • Pain relief, and decreased inflammation of an irritated area.
  • Increase range of motion, strength, and function due to reduced pain.
  • Help to limit one’s use of pain control medications, since it functions to intercept and block the nerves attempts at relaying information regarding pain to the brain.

Premium Pack

Resealable packaging designed for hygienic storage with recordable personal indication columns.

Product Code


Item no.
LW-EP-101 2” x 2” [20 pack in 1 box (4 pcs/pack)]
LW-EP-235 3.5” x 2” [10 pack in 1 box (4 pcs/pack)]
LW-EP-25 1” x 1” [10 pack in 1 box (4 pcs/pack)]