Paraffin Treatment Unit

The Flex Waxbath paraffin treatment unit provides a simple, effective method of applying heat to the surface of the hand or foot for increased circulation. The entire unit is made of stainless steel – a durable material that is more reliable than other tanks made of plastic, and has a low impact on the environment after the product’s long life. The Flex Waxbath paraffin treatment unit is thermostatically controlled and furnished with a cover. A power indicator light shows that the paraffin is heating. The tank capacity come with two option, 6 and 18 lbs.



Description :

  • Appropriate for a small clinic.
  • Tank Capacity is available for 6 and 18 lbs. (2.72 and 8.17kgs) of paraffin.
  • The entire unit is fabricated of durable stainless steel.
  • The strength of stainless steel provides a durable advantage over the many competitive brands made of plastic.
  • The tank is insulated and thermostatically controlled.
  • The tank is furnished with a cover.
  • Power Indicator light indicates that the paraffin is heating.

Paraffin capacity: 6lbs (PT-6)

length: 330 mm
width: 180 mm
height: 220 mm
weight: 3.2 kg

Inner Tank :
length: 300 mm
width: 150 mm
height: 150 mm

Paraffin capacity: 18lbs (PT-18)

length: 530 mm
width: 330 mm
height: 220 mm
weight: 6.35 kg

Inner Tank :
length: 500 mm
width: 300 mm
height: 160 mm



Thermoflextor TF-6 TF-12
A – length – in (mm) 15 (381) 16 (406)
B – width – in (mm) 12 (305) 24 (610)
C – height – in (mm) 21 (533) 32 (813)
thermal-packs included 1 cervical,
2 oversize,
3 standard
12 standard

NOTE: Wire racks, Thermal-Packs and filler hose included with every unit