The first quiet, focused shock wave.
Provides fast, lasting and non-invasive pain relief.

The effective alternative to surgery for chronic pain

The high-energy shock waves from enShock develop their healing effect in deeper layers of tissue. With various depths of penetration, precisely where the pain is. The method is effective for the most common orthopaedic indications, such as inflammatory musculoskeletal conditions, non-healing fractures, and pseudoarthroses or calcifications. Just three to six therapy sessions spare many patients surgical procedures or long-term medication. And with the uniquely quiet operation, the ergonomic handpiece, and the sensitive fine-tuning of the shock waves, the therapy is pleasant and relaxed for those performing and those receiving the therapy.

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Your benefits include:

  • Highly effective for shoulder calcification, heel spurs, tennis elbow, and bone healing problems
  • Runs incomparably quietly and is maintenance-free for years
  • Gentle outpatient therapy with almost no risks and side effects
  • Strength and frequency of the shock waves can be adjusted in small increments
  • Quiet, ergonomic handpiece
  • With many preset, individually adjustable programmes


  • Shock Wave Therapy
  • Touch Screen
  • Individual Patient Programmes Can Be Stored
  • Simple Operation

Technical Details

enShock– desktop device

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Technical data

Technology Piezoelectrically focused shock waves
Energy 0.005 – 0.500 mJ/mm2, freely adjustable in 0.005 mJ increments
Frequency 1 to 12 Hz; can be adjusted in 1-Hz increments
Programmes Over 25 illustrated preset treatment recommendations
Controller 11“ colour touch screen and central knob
Foot switch 3 pedals
Dimensions H 42,4 cm x W 20,7 cm x L 40,5 cm (without trolley)
Weight 23 kg (without handpiece)
Medical Device


enShock– cart

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