The next-generation radial shock wave therapy system

Pleasant for you and your patients

enPulsPro is a radial shock wave therapy device characterised by innovative technology, very good treatment results, and easy application. With its unique Softshot technology, you can treat painful areas very gently and comfortably for the patient. The ergonomic aluminium handpiece ensures optimal energy transfer and protects you from unpleasant vibrations. And with the option of working with two different applicators during therapy, you save time. In short: enPulsPro combines all of the benefits of shock wave therapy with maximum treatment comfort and operating convenience.

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Your benefits at a glance:

  • Pleasant therapy with Softshot technology
  • Time-saving: two handpieces
  • Very low follow-up and operating costs
  • Vibration-free application
  • With numerous preset programmes


  • Shock Wave Therapy
  • Touch Screen
  • Individual Patient Programmes Can Be Stored
  • Simple Operation

Technical Details

enPulsPro – desktop device

Item no.

Technical data

Technology Compressor-free, ballistic radial shock wave system with electromagnetic generator for projectile acceleration
Dosage 60 to 185 mJ, freely adjustable in 10-mJ increments
Frequencies 1 to 22 Hz, 3 burst modes with 4, 8, 12 pulses
Display 12“ colour touch screen
Foot switch Multidirectional
Dimensions H 30 cm x W 35 cm x L 20 cm (without SysCart)
H 138 cm x W 53 cm x L 52 cm (with SysCart)
Weight 4 kg (without SysCart), 19,3 kg (with SysCart)
Medical Device