Cryo 6

Works immediately: Cold air therapy at -30°C

Short treatment times – rapid therapeutic success

The proven therapy with the Cryo 6 cold air device has crucial advantages as compared to the application of ice: With the controlled application of intensive cold down to -30°C, the desired effect develops after just 1 to 5 minutes: Cryo 6 brings cold air exactly where the pain or inflammation is. Over wide areas or individual spots, for fast, intensive cooling of the skin, or for a longer-lasting decrease in temperature in deeper layers of tissue. A highly effective method also in combination with other therapies which then proceed largely pain-free.

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Your benefits at a glance:

  • Highly effective, with effects in just a few minutes
  • Wide-ranging spectrum of applications (pain reduction, inhibition of inflammation, improvement in mobility, etc.)
  • Optimal results in combination with other therapies
  • Simple operation using the clearly arranged display
  • Minimal consumption costs


  • Cryotherapy
  • Simple Operation

Technical Details

Cryo 6

Item no.

Technical data

Length of the treatment tube 180 cm
Housing dimensions H 64.5 cm x W 39 cm x D 68 cm
Weight 75 kg
Medical Device