TENS Therapy
(Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation)

The FlexTens (EV-804) features 5 TENS modes with adjustable pulse width, rate and timer. It’s the most popular model of Medi Lifesports TENS series. It’s easy to use and ideal for the new user to start their first electrotherapy treatment.



About TENS Therapy (Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation)

In TENS therapy, a small, battery-operated device delivers low voltage electrical current through the skin via electrodes placed near the source of pain. It stimulates the nerves in the affected area and sends signals to the brain that blocks the pain perception. TENS is proven to be an effective therapy to mask pain

Accessories :

  • x1 Device
  • x1 Carrying Case
  • x8 Elextrode Pads (2×2 cm)
  • x2 Lead Wires
  • x1 9V Battery
  • x1 Instruction Manual


Channel 2 Channels
Amplitude Adjustable, 0-100mA peak (500 ohm load)
Size 10.1cm (L) x 6.1cm (W) x 2.45cm (H)
Wave Form Asymmetrical Rectangular Biphasic Pulse
Pulse Rate 2~150 Hz, 1Hz / Step
Pulse Width 50~300 microseconds, 10 us / step
Timer 0~90 seconds, 1Sec./ step
Compliance Meter 60 sets of individual operation records
Modes Burst, Normal, Modulation, SD1 (Strength Duration), SD2
Charging Type 9V Battery
Tolerance of Settings ± 5%
Tolerance of Output ± 20%